Truconnected lift truck

True maintenance needs

How would you like to perform maintenance based on real-time condition monitoring, not hours of running time?
It’s possible now.

Overheadview of a lift truck

An efficient operation

How would you like to review your day-to-day asset utilization (trucks running empty, full, or idling) so you can develop a more efficient operation?

It's possible now.


Preventing accidents

How would you like to prevent accidents through virtual “no go” zones in high risk areas, or remotely set speed limits during higher-risk times? 

It's possible now.


I wanted...

... to have accurate evaluation of each machine and their activities
And I got it.

Two users using konecranes lifttrucks application

Instant inspection findings

How would you like for your drivers to instantly communicate inspection findings, with pictures, recordings and a digital checklist, and archive those inspection reports forever?
It’s possible now.

Lift truck with agumented connection data overlay

Your own KPI's

How would you like a dashboard that tracks fleet-wide lift truck KPIs, and a single online door of entry for full information, and an architecture fully adaptable to your internal systems? 
It’s possible now.


Environmental impact

How would you like to see the environmental impact (fuel consumption and CO2 emissions) of your operations at both the truck level and fleet level? 
It’s possible now.

Laden container handler at P&W Intermodal, Canada

I wanted...

... to optimize our operational efficiency and save fuel.
And I got it.

A Smart Connected Lift Truck is for you who want to:


  • Illustration of safety

    Increase safety

  • Illustration of cost reduction

    Reduce costs

  • Illustration of asset utilization

    Utilize assets

  • Illustration of productivity

    Increase productivity

  • Illustration of environment

    Reduce CO2

Built for your world

Konecranes Lift Trucks

Ever since we delivered our very first lift truck in 1959, we have worked hard to provide each of our customers with lift trucks that are built for the world they are working in, regardless of industry, lifting capacity or other challenges. Our mission is to find that perfect match, even if it requires us to go to the drawing table and design a brand new solution.

Today, we sell and support our lift trucks all over the world as part of Konecranes, the world’s leading provider of smart lifting solutions, together with a wide distributor network that gives us the local presence to support you when you need us.

We build for your world.