Connected lift truck

Make your own choice

The hardware and subscription packages you choose will determine what information you can see when you log in to, and ultimately affect how you are able to make a difference in your world.

Here you can see what you will gain from subscribing to different packages. Not sure what you need? Let us help you to make the optimal choice.


  • Every Konecranes Smart Connected Lift Truck comes with the ability to see summary data for all of your trucks and receive email service notifications to keep track of when they are due for service.
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Operating data

  • How much time are your trucks driving with a load? Over 50%? That’s what most facility managers think. But with access to operation and usage data, you’ll know the real number at a glance (hint: it’s likely to be much lower than you think).

  • Knowing how your trucks are performing and being used is key when aiming at improvements such as increased productivity, and reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. You can easily see your carbon footprint through the data, as it clearly shows you the environmental impact of your business.

Condition & alerts

  • Want to increase uptime? Look at your notifications. Monitoring your trucks’ condition and potential risks is vital to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

    When you monitor the hydraulic oil, you are checking that your truck is in the condition it needs to be, and spares you from replacing the oil before it’s actually needed.

  • You can also set alerts for shocks, overloads, safety override usage and other things that pose a risk to your co-workers and operations, so you can address issues before they become accidents.



  • If you, like most of our customers, have several Konecranes lift trucks, fleet productivity and optimization allow you to see how your fleet is performing. In addition, driving enhancement gives you insight into how individual trucks are being driven, so that you can easily spot any need for further driver education.

  • You also have remote control of the operational mode of your trucks, letting you schedule eco or performance mode based on days, times, or even drivers. This to make sure your trucks are performing at their peak when you need them to, and significantly cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at other times.

Location-based services

  • How useful would it be for you to restrict truck movements in certain areas? For example, you could give alerts to drivers entering an area with height restrictions, or enforce speed limits to increase safety for people working in the yard or drivers on the night shift.

  • Knowing how much time a truck spends in different areas, such as the service workshop, and what driving routes they take, can help you to find more efficient ways of running your operations.

    Konecranes Path Tracker and Work Zone with geofencing functionality will enable you to do just that.


  • Need to produce reports on usage? If your reporting tool requires pdf or Excel files, or you would like to make your own calculations to see how different scenarios would play out, this is what you need. Our on-demand reporting package allows you to download all the data collected from one truck or your whole fleet to pdf or xls formats.