Work Zone

Konecranes Work Zone

Developed by Konecranes, Work Zone is a suite of location-based services designed to improve the safety of lift truck operations, especially in busy, high-traffic environments, through geofencing technology.

In addition to helping increase safety, this user-friendly tool offers you the ability to manage an entire fleet from a single computer. This means you can monitor and control your Konecranes lift trucks by creating virtual travel and maintenance zones to regulate speed or setting alerts for height limitation areas.

For you who want to:


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    Utilize assets

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    Increase safety

How it works

Work Zone uses GPS technology to create invisible geofences around real-world areas, and remotely control lift trucks in these areas. You can mark restriction zones, give alerts for height limitations and set speed constraints that automatically prevent the trucks from driving faster than the set speed.

Set maintenance zones to see how much time your trucks are spending in maintenance. There is also a general geofencing zone that you can use to define the area where lift trucks are allowed to drive. You can easily set these limits in the user-friendly system.

Konecranes Work Zone


Work Zone is available for everyone using Smart Connected Lift Trucks. If your lift truck is not already fitted with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, please contact your closest Konecranes Lift Trucks representative for a TRUCONNECT Retrofit Kit.