Truck-to-cloud integration

Making it work in your world

We understand that you might already be using a range of systems to manage your operations. So, to save you from adding another one to your collection, Konecranes Lift Trucks can provide you with integration to your systems and with Application Program Interface(API) solutions.

An API allows you to get the information, data and insights a Smart Connected Lift Truck provides straight into your own business systems. This is especially valuable if you are operating within tight schedules and need to know about your fleet quickly. We can help you to: 

  • Connect to other systems (eg TOS, ERP)
  • Monitor the data collected from your lift trucks in real time in your existing systems
  • Get alerts, so you immediately know the time and location of faults

How it works

What is system integration?

  • In very broad terms, system integration is the process of connecting different subsystems (components) into a single larger system that functions as one. With regards to software solutions, system integration is typically defined as the process of linking together various IT systems, services and/or software so that all of them function smoothly together.

  • The main reason that organizations use system integration is to improve the productivity and quality of their operations. The goal is to get various IT systems to “talk to each other”, speed up information flow, and reduce operational costs for the organization. System integration is not only used to connect an organization’s internal systems, but third parties that the organization cooperates with as well.

What is API integration?

  • An application programming interface (API) is a messenger that processes requests and ensures the seamless functioning of enterprise systems. An API allows interaction between applications, devices, products and services. It delivers data and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs.

  • APIs facilitate communication between various applications. It can also be defined as an online programming interface that allows applications to communicate with the backend systems of the organization.

For you who want to:


  • Illustration of cost reduction

    Reduce costs

  • Illustration of environment

    Reduce CO2

  • Illustration of asset utilization

    Utilize assets

  • Illustration of safety

    Increase safety