Get smart connected

What defines a ‘smart’ lift truck? It has sensors, processors, and software embedded in it that enables the tracking of key aspects of its performance – from fuel consumption to lifting operations. When the truck is ‘connected’, it wirelessly transmits the data it collects to a place where you can see, analyse and act based on those insights. A Smart Connected Lift Truck is your key to the future, and the key to the full benefits of your Konecranes lift trucks.

Since last year, TRUCONNECT Basic hardware is coming standard on all new lift trucks. The basic package with TRUCONNECT  Essentials services allows you to monitor your fleet and get an overview on utilization (as safety alerts, running hours, fuel consumption, tank levels, battery charge status), Maintenance Planner and Service notifications.

Choose a TRUCONNECT package​ based on your data needs.

TRUCONNECT is a suite of remote services allowing data to​ be collected, depending on the hardware fitted on your equipment.


  • Operations and usage data
  • Condition monitoring and alert notification
  • Fleet productivity and optimization
  • Data-on-demand reporting
  • Work Zone - location-based services


  • Basic features


  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Shock monitoring


  • Basic features
  • Premium features


  • Oil contamination monitoring 
  • Remaining useful lifetime of hydraulic oil

Upgrade your lift truck

Would you like to improve your already Smart Connected Lift Truck?

Discover if possible to upgrade to another subscription on and order the TRUCONNECT retrofit kit.  

1. Hardware

  • Finding the solution for your world

    Having a Smart Connected Lift Truck means that your truck is fitted with hardware that allows the data about it to be collected. We have three different hardware packages to choose from. Depending on the hardware you select, you will have different options of subscription packages available to choose from.

  • Upgrade

    Would you like a Konecranes lift truck that you already have to get smart and connected? We can tell you whether it’s possible and outline the economic benefits to upgrading. Simply contact your Konecranes representative, or send a request together with the truck’s serial number to

  • The hardware and subscription package you choose will determine what information you can see when you log in to, and ultimately affect how you are able to make a difference in your world.

    Let us help you to make the optimal choice.


2. Activate

Activate your lift truck

To enjoy the benefits of your Smart Connected Lift Truck, you need to activate it by submitting a form.


3. Smart subscription

  • Do you want to get smarter?

    When your truck is Smart Connected, you can decide which information you would like to receive by subscribing to the packages that would make a difference in your would. Read about the content and value of the different subscription packages, or contact us if you would like to discuss what could be the ideal choice for you.

  • Upgrade

    Would you like to improve a lift truck that is already Smart Connected? On, you can easily see if your truck can be upgraded to another subscription. Here you can also see if you need to upgrade your hardware to get all the benefits and become even more connected.

4. Contact

We help you find the right solution

If you would like to discuss getting a Smart Connected Lift Truck, please contact your Konecranes respresentative.


Future decisions

Buying new equipment

Buy the right equipment for your needs and get a faster ROI.

Check your previous performance and usage on a single lift truck or your entire fleet.

Daily decisions


Perform better on the short- and long-term with regular inspection and maintenance.

Check maintenance status, make pre-inspections and use the opportunity to prevent unnecessary maintenance

Rental fleet decisions

When the data shocks you

Act on the data. A Smart Connected Lift Truck can help you take timely action and spot if you need to contact the customer regarding something that has happened.

Check shocks and their severity, then act immediately if the equipment you are renting out has not been used correctly.