Weighing system

Safety at sea

To ensure the safety of those working at sea, Konecranes developed a Weighing Solution that complies with the SOLAS requirements. It allows your reach stacker to measure the weight of the lifted container hydraulically with 1% full scale accuracy in less than 5 seconds.

The solution offers seamless integration with your TOS/TS or ERP system, interchanging data such as verified gross mass, container ID, time/date stamp, accountable person and more.


Since a SOLAS amendment lets countries define their own local regulations, some countries do not require any certification, while others have very specific requirements. You can find information about each country’s implementation guidelines and regulations on the World Shipping Council’s website.

The Konecranes Weighing Solution is certified to a general level for the EU and EFTA according to CE Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU, and according to OIML R 51 for Automatic Weighing Instruments (AWI) MI-006 for OIML countries.

How it works

Your driver lifts a container to transport position and holds it still, then initiates the weighing process from the truck’s multi-touch control display inside the operating cabin. The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the container goes to the in-cab modem, which communicates with other system devices and services.

The Konecranes Weighing Solution is available for retrofitting. Simply contact your Konecranes representative, to find out whether it’s possible on your specific model.

yourKONECRANES.com cloud services

  • yourKONECRANES.com is a secure, cloud-based service that provides seamless integration between the weighing system and your TOS/TMS or ERP systems. Information transferred through the service include:

    • Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the container
    • Container ID
    • Time/Date stamp
    • Name of the person accountable for weight verification

In-cab connectivity service

  • With the in-cabin connectivity service, the Verified Gross Mass of the lifted container will be transferred from your lift truck to your existing in-cab VMT/TOS terminal wirelessly.