One entry point is the on-line source for all information related to your Konecranes lift trucks. This is where you can see the data collected by our software and apps, all documentation and manuals, and information about preventive and scheduled maintenance. Through, you can monitor and control anything from one truck to an entire fleet, at any time, on any device.

Personal settings

  • What do you want to see?

    It’s your world and you can personalize some views to suit your preferences. Choose what information you want to retrieve and what settings you need to get the most out of your trucks. We’re constantly developing our customized settings, with new benefits on the way as technology improves.

  • Don't know what data to look at?

    Through TRUCONNECT Data Insights we’re making the data easier for you to understand and act on, by doing some of the analysis for you and presenting the most important KPIs. When you see the data that comes from your lift trucks, it will open a world of potential business and competitive advantage. It gives you the unique ability to monitor your equipment at the most important stage of its lifecycle — during use. This provides an unambiguous, new source of business intelligence in a wide variety of areas that you can use immediately.

Increase uptime and save time and our Smart Connected solutions are evolving very quickly – and every step we take will bring benefits to your company, now and in the future.

Use the insights from your Smart Connected Lift Trucks to make even better decisions – immediately – by optimizing your operational expenditures (OPEX). And whenever you’re ready to invest in new equipment, you’ll find the information necessary to make the smartest investment decisions. Based on real usage data, you can meet the exact needs of your company.

From the moment you buy the vehicle and throughout the whole equipment life cycle, a Konecranes Smart Connected Lift Truck will empower you in your world. You will be making data-driven decisions.  


Security by design

ISO 27001 certificate

Secure software development practices ensure security risks are considered in each phase of the software development lifecycle. This helps developers to build highly secure applications and ensure that security risks and possible vulnerabilities are captured in the development, and not in the production.

The yourKONECRANES customer portal has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management. yourKONECRANES allows users to manage their digital services within the portal and gain access to relevant asset condition, usage- and report data either directly or through an API. The portal provides a transparent view of TRUCONNECT data, inspection- and maintenance activities and relevant documentation. The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate demonstrates a commitment to proactively manage the information security of Konecranes digital services and ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements.